Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Days 540 to 544: A Long Weekend With Two Wonders In Germany

As I stood in Glasgow airport, searching the screens with a sense of increasing desperation for the absent 18.05 flight to Munich, I realised: this had not begun well.

One of the advantages of my new job is that it gives me what is essentially a long weekend each week. I work three 12-hour night shifts, Monday to Wednesday, 7pm to 7am. Come seven o'clock on Thursday morning, I am free for a further 108 hours. Last week, I decided to use most of these hours in Germany, visiting my two Wonders there. They are:


Thursday, 4 June 2015

Part 3 Begins

Part 1 of the travels took place in Australia and across Asia, from September 2011 to April 2012. I visited 22 Wonders. It was pretty good.

Part 2 of the travels took place in Europe, South America, and North America, sporadically from June 2012 to August 2013, and then fully from December 2013 to October 2014. I visited 44 Wonders. It was also pretty good.

Part 3 of the travels begins... later today. I fly to Munich, and tomorrow and the day after will visit Neuschwanstein Castle. The following couple of days will be spent in Cologne, visiting its cathedral. In total, part 3 should involve me visiting 40 Wonders. Not in one go, but in various bite size chunks. How long will it take me? If you offered me an end date of June 2018, I'd bite your hand off. With Syria and Libya having bigger fish to fry than catering to me and my mission, it could be some years yet before I get a chance to complete my full list of 106.

In one hour, my taxi will take me to the airport. In three hours, I'll be on the flight to Munich. In about eight hours, I'll be having a pint with Piltup, my companion for the next two Wonders. Part 3 of the Wonder travels will have begun.

I'd better start packing then.