Monday, 8 July 2013

Cracked: 6 Insanely Reckless Media Accusations That Ruined Lives

Pretty much entirely unrelated to the rest of this site in that it doesn't involve great buildings or World Wonders, I've had another article published by Cracked - 6 Insanely Reckless Media Accusations That Ruined Lives. This one was a co-write - my entry was the first one, about Chris Jefferies' treatment by the media.

In fact, there is just a little relevance to World Wonders - the final photo, of the real murderer, has Stonehenge in the background (a serendipitous inclusion by the Cracked editors, as it happens).

The rest of the article is worth reading, and I can't take any credit for the article's concept, which was by Eric Yosomono.

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