Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Passports Found

Over the years, I've been a little careless with my passports. In fact, in a three year spell, I managed to lose a total of four passports. One was sheer folly on my part - I'd put it in an envelope and sent it to my work, and it was been stolen en route. Another was sheer bad luck - it was lost in a fire in Angola. But another two were more mysterious. One day I simply couldn't find them. I was sure they had been in my flat - but they weren't where they should have been. I was puzzled. What had happened to them? I didn't know, and just had to cancel them and get two more, and let it remain a mystery.

Until today. Not long ago I got a phonecall from Grampian Police - they had found two passports of mine. It took a few moments to register until the policeman asked if I'd used to work in Korea - one passport had two years worth of teaching visas. Where on earth had they been, I asked. In the downstairs lobby of my old flat, I was told.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Model Wonders: Part 3

My last post and a post a few months ago dealt with miniature models of World Wonders I acquired along the way while travelling. These were all official Wonders on my list. But in the last few months, I began to get a little carried away, and began buying models of unofficial Wonders. These unnecessary acquisitions meant that by the time I came home, about half my bags' weight was in small replica buildings. Hot travelling tip: this isn't a practical way of backpacking.

Here is the unofficial Wonder models I bought, plus a few extra.


Friday, 11 May 2012

Model Wonders: Part 2

Some months ago, I wrote and posted photos of the model collection I had been accumulating along the way of my travels. I have decided, wherever possible, to buy a memento of each Wonder I visit, ideally in the form of a miniature replica. This is not at all a practical way to travel, as it meant by the time I was leaving China, I was laden with a whole extra bag exclusively for the acquired models, but now that I am home it means I have a delightful - and not at all tacky! - collection of model Wonders.

During the second half of my travels, I got a little carried away, and not only bought models of official Wonders, but bought models of unofficial ones too. I'll focus on the unofficial ones in a future post; for now, let's concentrate on the models of all my Wonders during India and China in the first four months of this year.

The Golden Temple